Quieter than Silence - A New Musical Journey.

Quieter than Silence - A New Musical Journey.

For the third time, Sensiblu is next to Mehdi Aminian on an exceptional musical journey.


The new album is a soulful dedication to Syrians in distress, bereaved and living as refugees. It is a form of compassion as well as a protest to the noise in the world.


The lyrics, poems by Rumi, Hatef Esfahan, Ommar Khayam and Ahmad Shampoo, put in the foreground topics related to humanity, love and mutual respect, seen through the eyes of the Sufi Masters.


Concerts will take place in:


Bucharest - November 7th – Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub

Bucharest – November 8th – Apollo 111

Bucharest – November 11th– Sala Radio

Brașov – November 12th – Centrul Cultural Reduta

Bistrița – November 13th – Sinagoga Bistrița


For More details, visit: https://www.roots-revival.com/quieterthansilence