Harvests what it has planted

Sensiblu harvests what it has planted

Inspired by the professionalism of Sensiblu Pharmacists, more than 50 fresh graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bucharest and the country wore the emblem of the Pharmacist Sensiblu.

We wish them success in their new professional adventure and we thank them for the confidence in the Sensiblu pharmacy chain!

 Dumitrache Denisa  - Pharmacist SSB Kaufland 9

’’Why Sensiblu? Every time I stepped into a Sensiblu pharmacy as a patient, the staff proved to be professional, I was treated properly, and the recommendations I received responded to my needs. Thus my desire to get into the best team was born.

At the first interview I was nervous, but all these feelings disappeared as the discussion progressed and I realized that here is the place where I want to grow both professionally and personally.

During the probation stage I started to learn new things and I understood the techniques of communicating with the patient. The team received me with joy, and my integration was pleasant and easy. The most difficult aspect was establishing relationships with patients, but with the help of the costumer consultant, I managed to overcome this concern in a very short time.

The profession of a pharmacist requires a continuous process of learning, training and documentation. Thus, the interactive courses and the informative materials I have had at my disposal in the pharmacy have helped me keep up with everything new, thus managing to enhance my previously accumulated knowledge. "  

Since I have joined Sensiblu I have been living the feeling that I am with a second family. Now I can feel at ease, knowing I am able to meet the patients' vast needs.

 Eliza Astelian – Pharmacist Kaufland 8

“By hiring me from the fifth year of my faculty, the Sensiblu family has managed to guide me to express in a professional way everything that I have accumulated theoretically from my courses. It is here where I have trained myself, evolved every day, and it is an honor for me to be part of a team in which involvement, responsibility and respect for patients are the principles that prevail. My colleagues have been the mentors who have given me constant support in capitalizing my information toolkit acquired during the faculty years, and inspired me by teaching me the perception that the most important thing represents the patient's well-being, and that a professional is the one offerring him/her the most accurate and complete advice. In a year of working experience with Sensiblu I have learned about performance, dedication, putting your heart into everything you do and of being in constant evolution. "

 Iulia Patrianca – Pharmacist Kaufland 3

''My collaboration with Sensiblu began in the fourth year of college through the student association. Supported by Sensiblu, SSFB (Bucharest Pharmaceutical Students Society) managed to succeded in launching large-scale projects folded to the needs of pharmacy students - public health projects, patient communication trainings, national congresses etc.. For me, this partnership based on students’ development has been a defining point in my career. I wanted to work in Sensiblu because here I saw respect, trust and care for people."