Two years since the launch - 855 independent pharmacies enrolled in the RESPIRO program

RESPIRO, one of the most dynamic support programs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed by A&D Pharma, leader on the local retail and pharmaceutics distribution markets, has integrated 855 independent pharmacies in two years since its inauguration, and is aiming to reach a network of 1000 units by the end of 2018.

RESPIRO is a modular program that offers pharmacies and their patients a package of specialized services with added value. Through the RESPIRO program, all partner pharmacies keep their autonomy and identity, while benefiting from access to important business resources, as well as from the A&D Pharma retail and pharmaceutical distribution expertise. As a result/Therefore, the pharmacies enrolled in the program can develop a stable relationship with their patients and can provide them with more and more advantages.

‘’In the two years since its launch, RESPIRO has permanently/ always been by the side of its partners, the pharmacies, and has offered them customized solutions in order to increase their performance. We react promptly and we invest significantly whenever the context in which we conduct our activities undergoes legislative changes, such as the recent Directive regarding personal data. We are glad to share our expertise, through which we consolidate a long-term partnership based on transparency and trust.’’- has declared Robert Popescu, CEO of A&D Pharma.

By being a partner of conferences dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, such as The Pharmaceutical Industry Forum, PRIA HealthCare, ZF Health & Pharma Summit, The National Toxicology Congress and Pharmacist’s Day, RESPIRO has been and continues to be updated with the industry’s news, as well as providing support to everyone involved- authorities, specialists, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical devices and equipment industry, distributors, state and private hospital representatives and mass-media representatives.

‘’ This partnership has given us the chance to feel more protected as a pharmacy. We all go through difficult periods that affect all branches of the pharmaceutical market, but with help from the RESPIRO program, we have access to additional discounts, the possibility of reducing operational costs, as well as team management support. All these benefits lead to profitability increase and the satisfaction of the pharmacy team.

About A&D Pharma

With a 24 years presence of the local market, the A&D Pharma Group, part of the Dr. Max family, is the largest and most dynamic pharmaceutical group from Romania, which offers integrated services of import, distribution and retail for pharmaceutical products. At the moment, the A&D Pharma Group operates on four business lines:

  • Mediplus, the leader of the distribution and pharmaceutical products market, covers the entire Romanian territory and delivers to hospitals and pharmacies;

  • Sensiblu is one of the most important actors on the local pharmaceutical retail market;

  • Punkt is a pharmacy chain dedicated to people with middle and small income;

  • A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales offers added value services to international medicine manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe.