Dr.Max opens more than 400 new pharmacies over the night in Romania

The leading pharmacy chain in Central Eastern Europe - Dr.Max – officially opens, over the night, the doors of over 400 pharmacies throughout Romania, in 93 cities, for a healthier life.


Cezar Zaharia will be the CEO of A&D Pharma, subsidiary of Dr.Max Group

Bucharest – 14th of June 2019 – Starting 1st of August 2019, Cezar Zaharia will take over the leadership of A&D Pharma, part of Dr.Max Group, as Chief Executive Officer.

A&D Pharma, subsidiary of Dr.Max Group, has finalized the acquisition of 46 new pharmacies

Punkt pharmacy chain, part of A&D Pharma, has strengthened its position on the market by acquiring and integrating 46 new pharmacies from the Belladonna chain.


Two years since the launch - 855 independent pharmacies enrolled in the RESPIRO program

RESPIRO, one of the most dynamic support programs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed by A&D Pharma, leader on the local retail and pharmaceutics distribution markets, has integrated 855 independent pharmacies in two years since its inauguration, and is aiming to reach a network of 1000 units by the end of 2018.


Dr. Max will officially become a major pharmacy network on the Romanian market

The Competition Council approved the acquisition of A&D Pharma by Dr. Max. The transaction is currently being finalized

Mediplus partner  Pharmacists Gala

Mediplus, main partner at Pharmacists Gala

The 6th edition of Romanian Pharmacists Gala took place last night, in an elegant atmosphere. The event, organized by the Romanian Pharmacists College and hosted by the World Trade Center, brought together the most important figures in the pharmaceutical industry.

Harvests what it has planted

Sensiblu harvests what it has planted

Inspired by the professionalism of Sensiblu Pharmacists, more than 50 fresh graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bucharest and the country wore the emblem of the Pharmacist Sensiblu.

Mediplus Conference

The Sixteenth Edition of the Mediplus Conference is Over

Mediplus, the largest drug distribution company in Romania, ended the XVIth edition of the Regional Pharmaceutical Conferences in Bucharest, within the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Sensiblu sponsored Medical Tourism Conference

Medical Tourism Conference is sponsored by Sensiblu

Sensiblu participates as a sponsor of National Medical Tourism Conference, the first major event in the medical tourism industry, taking place at the Phenicia Grand Hotel.

The Mediplus Conferences

The Mediplus Conferences in Brasov and Sibiu gathered over 350 participants

Mediplus, the largest drug distribution company in Romania, organized on Wednesday, October 18th, in Brasov, and on Thursday, October 19th, in Sibiu, the Regional Conference dedicated to the pharmacists in those areas. More than 350 pharmacists accepted Mediplus' invitation to dialogue, attending a series of scientific sessions, as well as a discussion panel on current pharmaceutical topics.