Count on us!

Count on us!

Program integrat de susţinere a pieţei farmaceutice din România


Health Closer to People

The Mediplus fleet annually travels over 8 800 000 km to bring health closer to people.
1/3 drugs marketed in Romania pass through Mediplus Central Deposit.
Every day, Mediplus honors over 3,000 orders across the entire country, and half of them are delivered in nearly 4 hours.
Mediplus owns in Bucharest one of the largest logistics centers in Central and Eastern Europe, 11 regional warehouses (Constanţa, Galaţi, Iaşi, Târgu Mureş, Braşov, Craiova, Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Oradea, Timişoara and Ciorogârla) and 3 national offices (Piteşti, Bacău and Suceava).


Together with our partners, we are building the road to a healthy life through innovative solutions and a fast and efficient operating mode.

Angajati Pharma


More than 1000 employees work in Mediplus, operating within the National Logistics Center in Bucharest (one of the largest logistics centers in Central Europe), as well as in the 11 regional warehouses and 3 offices at national level.

Flota Masini


187 vans and 8 trucks fully equipped to GDP standards carry 1/3 of the drugs marketed/traded in Romania.



Total storage capacity ~ 35,000 sqm for ~ 25,000 pallets.
The first semi-automatic collection line on the pharmaceutical distribution market in Romania (in Bucharest).
Automatic collection lines in 6 regional warehouses.



Over 200,000,000 units processed annually
50% of orders are delivered in about 4 hours.

Program Respiro


Launched in 2016, Respiro program is one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical support programs in Romania. Over 900 independent pharmacies are part of the program.

Conditii GDP


Mediplus products and services tighten up control of Good Practice in Distribution (GDP) standards.

Pharmacies Serviced Throughout the Country

m2 Total Storage Area

Km Travelled Every Year

Storage Points

Units Processed Annually In the Central Deposit

of the Drugs Marketed In Romania Pass through the Central Deposit of Mediplus

Vans And 8 Trucks Fully Equipped According To The GDP Standards

"More than 21 years have passed since I started working in Mediplus and throughout all of these years, the team and I have developed bold projects.

What was important?

The team has always wanted more and has exceeded its own limits.

I chose to stay in Mediplus because I had the freedom to build without being limited, and the ideas we have had over the years turned into concrete actions. I evolved within this company and I'm glad I am now part of a beautiful team.

With the right people, everything is easier to accomplish!"

Marius Văduva - Regional Logistic Director-West, the longest-working Mediplus employee